Myotherapy And Pregnancy

Myotherapy and pregnancyMyotherapy is an ideal form of treatment during pregnancy to relax the muscles and ensure you are as comfortable as possible, particularly in the final stages. The body goes through many changes throughout the course of pregnancy, and some of these changes result in uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms. Our treatment can be extremely effective in providing relief from lower to upper back pain and tightness, buttock and hip pain, sciatic pain, cramping of the calf, carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling in the limbs as well as general relief from the discomfort caused by the extra load placed on the body.

It is generally recommended that a 60min consultation be booked during pregnancy as much of the treatment is likely to be preformed in a sidelying position, requiring more time to cover all areas.

The clinic has the equipment required to treat pregnant women up until the final trimester and we will do our best to ensure you are comfortable during your treatment and that your new baby remains safe. However, the first Trimester can be a very critical and sensitive time during pregnancy, and some believe that all forms of massage should be avoided until after the 12th week. If you have any concerns, feel free to speak to your Doctor or obstetrician to receive medical clearance prior to your consultation.

Myotherapy can also be very useful in alleviating pain post-natally caused by labour, as well as the problems and discomfort that can occur later due to breast feeding/nursing, carrying your baby as well as lifting your little one in and out of cots and baby seats.