What To Expect

Have you wondered what to expect when visiting a Myotherapist? An initial Myotherapy consultation at Intune Myotherapy will involve some or all of the following:

  • a brief medical history
  • history of the presenting injury
  • skeletal and postural assessment
  • range of movement testing
  • muscle strength and neurological testing
  • orthopaedic tests
  • palpatory assessment

If you have any written reports from scans or x-rays concerning your injury/complaint, it may be very helpful to your Myotherapist to read these prior to commencing treatment.  Please bring these to your initial consultation.
The assessments are likely to take between 5-10 minutes, leaving the rest of your allocated time for hands on treatment.  During your treatment time, the therapist will use a combination of Myotherapy techniques, depending on which of these the therapist believes will benefit you the most, and which of these you are comfortable with.
As Myotherapy treatment involves deep muscle manipulation techniques, some post treatment soreness may occur.  This should dissipate naturally within 24-48 hours and can be aided by the application of a heat pack and drinking plenty of water.
To achieve the best results, the therapist may give you stretching and strengthening exercises to assist you in overcoming your musculoskeletal problems.  Following the advice given and not relying on the treatments alone, will give you the best chance to see and feel significant improvement.